Malik Dupri Morris the young man behind the vision was born in NY in 1994. He went to prestigious Ithaca College where he was a captain of the football team and earned his doctorate degree in physical therapy. While in college Malik began his pursuit as an entrepreneur and a fashion icon.

The Brand

Capitalizing on his prior experience in fashion entrepreneurship, in 2020 Malik launched his own personal brand focusing on luxury sunglasses and everyday stylish wear. Originally starting from designing and selling his creations from his basement, the business grew to the point where he needed a physical location. In November 2020 the brand expanded to one of the countries biggest malls (Roosevelt field mall) where he opened a kiosk to display his stylish glasses. This expansion was short lived until the brand bloomed to needing an complete store front.

As a Black independent store owner, Malik at 26 has the distinction of being one of the youngest independent store owners in the mall.

Believe in Your Vision

Malik Dupri’s Brand is the epitome of believing in yourself and achieving the life you dream of you. We believe its never too late to follow your dreams. Our designer frames and luxury clothing add confidence and help you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Our apparel is made to not only look good, but we take pride in quality and comfort.